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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Deposition

If you are walking into a legal deposition, you should follow these helpful Do’s and Don’ts to ensure your testimony is well-represented. Keep your answers short and concise. Oftentimes, witnesses add in extra information, that’s not necessary or relevant to the question. This information can sometimes turn out to hurt the witness’ case. If you are asked

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Deposition Details: Everything you need to know about being deposed

A Deposition in a civil lawsuit is the formal questioning of a witness, or a party to the litigation, under oath. It usually occurs at the office of the attorney who is doing the questioning. Every word of the questioning attorney, and the party being deposed, is recorded by a court stenographer and a complete

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A Criminal Conviction Can Be More Damaging Than You Think. Here’s How to Lessen the Impact

A criminal conviction, even for a minor crime, can have an effect on your life in many ways. Those effects can last long beyond the initial ruling and resulting punishment. Here’s an example: A simple drug possession conviction may result in the loss of your driver’s license, but it could also impact your ability to

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