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If you live in Massachusetts, beware of Melanie’s Law

Melanie’s Law is a Massachusetts statute intended to make penalties for operating under the influence of alcohol (OUI) more severe. Passed in October 2005, the statute was designed to make it easier to prosecute repeat OUI offenders. This automatically makes the penalties for driving under the influence more severe, particularly for those who have been caught driving drunk

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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Deposition

If you are walking into a legal deposition, you should follow these helpful Do’s and Don’ts to ensure your testimony is well-represented. Keep your answers short and concise. Oftentimes, witnesses add in extra information, that’s not necessary or relevant to the question. This information can sometimes turn out to hurt the witness’ case. If you are asked

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Know Your Rights: Avoid an OUI Conviction

An OUI conviction can follow you through life. If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, it’s easy to feel hopeless and scared. However, a conviction can follow you through life and it’s important to explore your options before you simply plead guilty. In my 40-year experience as a criminal defense lawyer, I have seen many

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