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One area of criminal law that is not handled by all criminal defense attorneys is probation violations. Whether a previously convicted individual has already violated the terms of his or her probation or is considering a course of action that may result in a probation violation, it is essential that an attorney be consulted to ensure your rights are protected. Your lawyer can advise you on either how to avoid potentially violating or address the violation that has already taken place.

Our experienced criminal defense lawyers at O’Connor and Ryan have been handling probation violations and other criminal cases for more than 30 years. We have an extensive understanding of probation violations, as these can be very complicated situations.

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Probation Violation Defense

The terms of your parole or probation are set and to be followed down to the smallest detail. Any violation, no matter how minor, may result in your incarceration or other punishments. Some courts are lenient, some are not. Each individual situation is viewed on a case-by-case basis and handled according to the laws, any extenuating circumstances and at discretion of that particular judge.

We may have been your legal representative in the initial criminal matter; we may not have been involved. Regardless of who handled the case on which you were sentenced to probation, or paroled, our firm can step in at any point and help to protect you and your future. If you have already violated probation or parole, our lawyers can go in front of the judge, explain the situation and articulately argue your side of the story.

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