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In some cases, the court will mandate the payment of alimony (spousal support). In others, the parties themselves can decide whether or not to include alimony as part of an overall divorce settlement. The alimony question is a complex one, and you should obtain the advice of an experienced attorney from the earliest stage of your case.

At O’Connor and Ryan, we have helped many clients make the right decisions about alimony and other financial issues arising from divorce. A central Massachusetts alimony attorney at our firm can review your situation and explain your options.

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Helping You Make the Right Decisions

A judge can issue temporary orders for the payment of alimony, the payment of child support and child custody issues. These temporary judgments will stay in place until a divorce settlement is reached. Though these temporary judgments are subject to review when the divorce is finalized, they often form the basis for the final judgments that will be issued with the divorce decree. For that reason, it is very important to be proactive from the very start of a divorce case.

Our firm will examine and explain all aspects of the alimony question, including your needs, the needs of your spouse, the effect of taxation on your finances and other matters. You will be able to make informed decisions going forward. In some cases, we may recommend negotiating a particular property division settlement rather than paying or demanding alimony. In others, alimony may form an important part of the divorce settlement.

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators and trial lawyers who will seek the best overall result for you.

Other Alimony Considerations

Even when alimony is permanent, it may be possible to modify the amount up or down. If you need a modification in an alimony order, our firm can go to court on your behalf. If you are entering into a marriage, O’Connor and Ryan can draft a prenuptial agreement that excludes or includes the payment of alimony, should a divorce occur.

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