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The Department of Children and Families (DCF) is the government entity responsible for providing family services and protecting children from abuse and neglect. When DCF is involved in a case, it is important that all involved parties have legal representation to ensure their rights are protected.

We at O’Connor and Ryan have an extensive understanding of the DCF policies and procedures, allowing us to provide comprehensive representation to parents whose children and home lives have become the subject of a DCF investigation. Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting parents who are fighting to keep their children and clear their names in a DCF investigation.

Do not take DCF investigations lightly. Contact our lawyers at O’Connor and Ryan now.

DCF Procedures

Once a report is filed with DCF, the investigation will likely begin immediately. In order to encourage individuals to report suspected cases of abuse and/or neglect, Massachusetts allows anonymous reporting to DCF. This often results in the dismissal of the allegations, as individuals may misuse the reporting. However, DCF is obligated to thoroughly investigate the matter regardless of the basis for the allegations. They will interview you, your children, any siblings of the children involved in the report, other family members and all individuals who may have contact with the children. They will conduct home inspections and visits, as well as thorough background checks on anyone involved. It can be a very invasive process, which makes your need for legal representation even more important.

Allegations of abuse and neglect, whether they are true or unfounded, are extremely serious and need attention immediately. Even though DCF may make it seem as though the best thing to do is cooperate with them, it is best if you cooperate with the guidance of your own legal counsel.

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