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In Massachusetts, the level of child support is primarily determined by guidelines. Judges in Probate and Family Court generally stay very close to those guidelines, though they can sometimes deviate from them. Child support though, is not just a matter of plugging numbers into a formula. There can be unique issues that must be considered, and it is important to fully account for all deductible expenses and the needs of the children.

At O’Connor and Ryan, we understand the many issues that can affect the level of child support and how to get results for our clients. Our firm can address child support issues such as:

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O’Connor and Ryan has been representing people in family law matters for more than 30 years, including all types of child support issues. In many cases, we are able resolve questions regarding support in an efficient and cost-effective manner. We can also represent you in more complex matters involving parents who have incomes that vary widely from period to period or who are trying to hide income for the purposes of avoiding payment of child support.

As Your Children Grow Older or Their Needs Change

Normally, the payment of child support must continue until a child reaches the age of 18. This period can be extended however, depending on circumstances. If your income changes, your ex-spouse’s income changes, or the medical or educational needs of your child change, our attorneys can seek to obtain a modified child support order.

The allocation of the costs of college education should be considered at the time of the divorce. For assertive representation from the earliest stage of your case, turn to O’Connor and Ryan.

You can review the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines, or call our firm at 978-345-4166 for guidance regarding your specific situation.

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