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In Massachusetts, the term “visitation” has been replaced with “parenting time.” However, the two terms still refer to the same concept, with parenting time meaning the amount of time a parent gets when he or she does not have primary custody of the children. It is important for both the children and the parents to have appropriate amounts of parenting time, as established by the courts. If you are seeking to have parenting time established or have your visitation rights upheld, turn to an experienced family law attorney.

At O’Connor and Ryan, our firm uses more than 30 years of experience when handling parenting time, visitation and other family law issues. As a highly skilled firm that has handled numerous cases throughout our years in practice, we understand the importance of having parent-child time. Whether you were married to the other parent of your children or not, our lawyers are committed to helping you understand your visitation rights and seeing that a comprehensive parenting time order is created.

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Factors That Are Considered by the Court

When a parenting time arrangement is being created, the court considers a number of important factors such as:

  • Each parent’s work schedule
  • Availability of each parent
  • Where each parent lives
  • Arrangements of any siblings
  • Child’s educational institution
  • Child’s daily activities and extracurriculars
  • Child’s flexibility and ability to adapt to change
  • Child’s health and well-being

Modifications to Existing Orders

When a drastic change in circumstances of a parent occurs, it may be necessary to pursue the modification of a parenting time order. It is essential that any changes to any aspect of the custody schedule go through the courts to ensure that they are legal and enforceable. Our firm works closely with clients in modifications cases, evaluating their current situations and determining if a modification is appropriate.

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