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Hiring an attorney for personal injury gets you the money you deserve

If you have been hurt in an accident caused by someone else, you have a right to recover money through a personal injury claim. You can use that money as compensation for damages, lost wages, medical bills or damage to property. You will want an attorney experienced in these types of claims who will help

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What does ‘Pain and Suffering’ mean in legal terms?

You may have heard the term “pain and suffering” used in legal conversations, on television programs or by peers. This term is often used in discussions of personal injury accidents. Ever wondered what it specifically refers to, and how it is relevant in accident cases? Here is how pain and suffering is used in personal

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Pursuing a Personal Injury Case: What are My Options?

Over the past several years, O’Connor and Ryan has helped many clients obtain millions of dollars for personal injuries in accidents and other wrongdoings. For example, we helped earn a $2.1 million recovery for civil rights violations and a $100,000 settlement for a motorcycle accident. A life-altering personal injury can oftentimes mean you are entitled

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